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Elne & Niel | Engagement

Niel was  introduced to Elne by a mutal friend and one thing is for sure, when Elne’s big bright smile and twinkling eyes met Niel’s infectious laugh and witty humour, the sparks were flying. No, Really…

“I met Niel when I expected it least. I actually don’t believe in coincidences, but this time I knew for sure – he’s the right one for me.”

The best thing about their love is just how spontaneous the two of them are when they are together. It was a glorious 30 degree summer’s day, so we did what everyone else would do: Climb on top of Round Hay Bales…as one does!

The proof…

“It’s a true blessing that we both share a passion for our careers in the optometry industry. I look forward to the shared knowledge and support and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him…”

“I grew up in Pretoria, so for me looking over the ocean whilst having a sip of my morning coffee is an absolute fairy tale dream come true.”

Elne and Niel are getting married in Churchhaven, a secluded beach village in the West Coast National Park where she will be walking down a pathway that leads down to a little church next to the beach. …their wedding will be nothing short of magical…


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    I'm a Cape Town based creative irrevocably in love with photography, social media, and think champagne is ALWAYS a good idea.

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