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Tim & Jeanne | Wedding

His proposal needed to be perfect and it needed to be a surprise. Only, asking for her hand in marriage required Tim to get hold of Jeanne’s parents who manage an eco-lodge above the Macal River in the Mayan Mountains of Belize, Central America.

“I made the phone call, and Jeanne’s mom answered the phone. When I asked to speak to Jeanne’s dad, she realized why I was contacting them and of course that’s when the waterworks started.”

Even though they attended different schools, these high school sweethearts were introduced to each other through a mutual friend. “You could say it was a blind date, of sorts. We never looked back from our first meeting.”

The day after celebrating their 10-year anniversary, Tim took Jeanne on a surprise date to Cape Point. Making sure that she wouldn’t suspect anything, he asked her to pose for a photo next to the original lighthouse staring out into the distance… “I kept waiting for the shutter to go off.  After a few seconds of standing and waiting, I finally turned around to see what was taking so long… and there he was, on his knee!

“My favourite moment was the walk down the aisle towards my future husband. The reality of the day only hit me at that moment, looking at Tim waiting for me…”

Whenever Jeanne and I weren’t in each other’s presence, it would feel like a part of me was missing, almost as though I was empty inside. I guess that’s when I knew that I wanted her to ALWAYS be a part of me…

“When I saw her for the first time, walking down the aisle – that feeling was so intense I actually thought I was going to pass out.”

With majestic views of both mountains and sea, their wedding reception was held at Blue Horizon Estate in Simons Town.

“A funny moment occurred as we experienced a blackout during our first dance. It was rather awkward dancing to no music in the dark with a bunch of giggling guests, but we soldiered through it until the back-up generators kicked in and the lights were back – and then we had some cake!”

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    Hello there beautiful, I'm Leanne. I'm a Cape Town based creative, irrevocably in love with photography, social media, and think Champagne is ALWAYS a good idea.

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    I'm a Cape Town based creative irrevocably in love with photography, social media, and think champagne is ALWAYS a good idea.

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