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A Cross-Continental Proposal

It was Christmas Night when Megan received a picture text entitled “Hootie and the South African” from a friend saying, “I think I found the perfect guy for you.” Megan was intrigued by the picture of MC, but didn’t think too much of it as the message was sent late after a fun night of indulgence.

Three months later they were supposed to meet as MC was flying in from Chicago to spend some time with friends in Philadelphia, however plans didn’t work out and it seemed as though it just wasn’t meant to be.

Megan’s friend suggested they become friends on Facebook and they casually began messaging back and forth. This of course turned into texts and emails and after several months they finally had an opportunity to meet.

From the first hello they knew it was going to be something special.

Their first official date was in Philadelphia at a little pub called the Grey Lodge.  They had never actually spoken to each other before… It was solely text and email. CRAZY I KNOW, Megan admits.

Megan: “I arrived a little early, which is so unlike me, and when MC arrived we sat and talked for over four hours. “

MC: “She was smiling and had a twinkle in her eye and I knew within the first five minutes of meeting her that she was someone very special and that this was the beginning of special journey together.”

Megan: “And in the most romantic ending possible, our first date ended with a kiss in the rain. It was absolutely perfect!”

While they spoke about marriage, Megan felt like they had already committed their hearts to each other… without an official “wedding”

Little did she know that MC had found a local jewellery designer that completed his masterpiece in time for their trip to South Africa.

While on a family vacation at the Kwa Maritane Resort in the Pilansberg Game Reserve, they enjoyed sundowners on their private deck outside their cabin. “We had some champagne and talked for a while before I asked her to marry me right there under the African stars.”

Megan: “When he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring box and opened it, I was like “Whoa!”  The ring was SPECTACULAR and it was literally glowing (with the help of the LED light embedded in the box).  I was shocked, so shocked that he said, “You didn’t say yes?”

I of course gave my answer and looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

I’m just so happy that I met this amazing man and I get to share life with him.  I am truly blessed!







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    Hello there beautiful, I'm Leanne. I'm a Cape Town based creative, irrevocably in love with photography, social media, and think Champagne is ALWAYS a good idea.

    I'm also a mom to a tiny boy-human, make an Instagram worthy pancake breakfast, and wish it could be summer all year round.



    I'm a Cape Town based creative irrevocably in love with photography, social media, and think champagne is ALWAYS a good idea.

    let's be friends!