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Fran & Tess | Wedding

She loves Rooibos Latte.  He’s a talented musician and photographer.  They both love to sing and met backstage at a singing competition. They made it through to the semi-finals & after a nervous little chit-chat they hit it off as best friends.

“I saw Francois standing as quiet as a mouse and just walked up to him and said: You want to go for a drink?”  Surprise, Intrigue and a year long friendship ensued but a flight back to Cape Town was about to change all that.

Francois picked Tess up from the airport en-route to some friends and told her that he absolutely adored her, in fact, that their relationship meant a lot more to him.  Tess confessed to secretly feeling the same way.  The deal was sealed with a kiss and it wasn’t long before Fran (as he is affectionately known) worked out the perfect scheme to ask for her hand.

“Fran asked me to try on his Gran’s ring, it was so beautiful and it fitted perfectly – I took it off and reluctantly gave it back to him.  A few seconds later, he said that he would love for me to wear it… The realization of what was actually transpiring was met with a few happy tears”

The couple exchanged vows in the beautiful New Apostolic Church, Cape Town.

No matter what you do, DON’T look at this picture for more than 10 seconds, or else you will get the giggles…

Something has to be said about this cake! I mean seriously. Isn’t this just the ultimate Xbox Wedding Cake?

This is so them, so unique and so unconventional.  The cake was a matter of national security as it was made in secret as a gift to the groom.  But for logistical reasons it also had to be hidden away just a few meters away from where Francois got ready.

The big reveal took place after the ceremony and was met with as much excitement by the groom & the army that helped kept the surprise under wraps.

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    Hello there beautiful, I'm Leanne. I'm a Cape Town based creative, irrevocably in love with photography, social media, and think Champagne is ALWAYS a good idea.

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    I'm a Cape Town based creative irrevocably in love with photography, social media, and think champagne is ALWAYS a good idea.

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